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Abortion Facts

As you take the time to research and reflect on all these abortion facts, we invite you to also consider taking a moment to pray for the thousands of innocent lives that are in danger of being lost today, as well as for those who have had an abortion and continue to support abortion.

Dear Lord,

We come to you to ask that you lovingly embrace all of your unborn children who are in danger of losing their lives today through abortion.  Walk with all expecting mothers and fathers so that they can see the significance of their baby's life, even in a difficult situation, and have the strength to make the life-giving choice.

We also pray for the spiritual conversion of all the morally lost souls who contribute to all of the lives lost every day.  We pray for all the parents who regret having walked into the abortion clinic and now live with pain and despair of their loss each day.  We pray for the men who have supported their significant other in obtaining an abortion, and for all the family members who have been affected by abortion as well.

We lift up our intentions to You, O Most Holy One, that you may show mercy to your children and grant them healing, forgiveness, absolution and peace.  We ask all of this in Your name, our Lord Jesus Christ.