Current Prayer Requests


My name is Gabe and about 9 weeks ago in a failing relationship, my ex girlfriend found out that she was pregnant. I did what every decent hard working caring loving man would do and did my best. tried my hardest threw down my pride prayed cried pleaded and begged. Unfortunately the Lord has had different plans for me.Through the struggles that we had, every argument she always responded with abortion. I'm a strong honest man, but this is all too much. I want my child. I have never ever ever ever believed in abortion. She is planning on getting one. Whether I "contribute" to it or not. I have lost my living space as a result of all this. I ask not for anything but prayer. For my faith in the Lord is strong enough to know that he will see me through, and know that it is not my choice. How badly I want my child.

Gabriel Chavera
Pear, Texas


Please pray for my wife Christa and her unborn child. Shortly after we found out we were expecting another child, my wife was diagnosed with cancer. We made it clear to our doctors we had met with that abortion was not an option. Because we refuse to have an abortion, some of Christa's treatments will be delayed.
We started to work with a wonderful Christian doctor who is pro-life who has given us some options for treatment now instead of after our child is born at the end of the year. He recommended we ask for prayers in two ways, that the cancer may not spread and that Christa will be at peace throughout the pregnancy. The stress alone can cause her to miscarry. So please keep us in your prayers. Thank you.

From:  Anonymous


This is a Prayer Request to all men and women to please pray for Pro-Life Men of America so that we may help all of God's children who may be contemplating getting an abortion.  Thank you for your prayers, and may God Bless you and your family.

For Life,

Greg Coulombe