Former Abortionists Speak Out

Dr. Paul E. Jarrett, Jr., Dr. Beverly McMillan, the late Dr. David Brewer, Dr. Anthony Levatino, Dr. Bernard Nathanson and more, plus Clinical Workers

In this article, numerous former abortionists and clinical workers speak out about the violent abortion procedures and related clinical practices.


Dr. Carol Everett

Carol Everett, a former abortionist, has dedicated her life to both counseling and helping inner-city women with the challenges of unintended pregnancies and educating the public about the horrors of abortion.  Read more here


Brenda Shafer, RN

Brenda Shafer was pro-choice when she went to work for Dr. Martin Haskell, one of the inventors of the partial birth abortion method for destroying late term fetuses. But after witnessing what abortion really meant, she's changed her mind.  Read her story at