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Pro-Life Books

Pro-Life Answers to Pro-Choice Arguments

“Randy Alcorn’s book is in a class by itself. It is exhaustively researched, thoroughly documented, and logically organized for easy access. It demolishes abortion distortions with the most compelling Pro-Life arguments yet developed.” – Gregg Cunningham, former legislator and U.S. Justice Department congressional liaison official; director, The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform.

Why Pro-Life

So much is at stake in the abortion debate. If pro-choicers are right, precious freedoms are in jeopardy. If pro-lifers are right, innocent children are being robbed of their most basic freedom- life. Though bumper-stickers slogans prevail, the facts are rarely presented. We need clear and credible answers to the central questions of the abortion debate. Provides answers to these questions in a concise, straightforward, and nonabrasive manner. 


Men’s Post Abortion Books

Healing a Father’s Heart

A Post Abortion Bible Study for Men. For fathers who are “silent, wounded warriors” who are suffering from fear, anxiety, anger, guilt, grief, and depression, from the loss of a child to abortion. This study helps men acknowledge and face their inner turmoil. Men will learn about God’s unchanging, loving character and his desire to forgive and heal their father-hearts.


Fathering Books

What A Difference A Daddy Makes

The Lasting Imprint Your Dad Leaves On Your Life. Study after study shows that fathers set up their daughters for success. Involved fathers whether or not they live in the same house as their daughters boost their daughter’s academic achievement, promote their emotional health, increase their compassion for others, and even bolster the status of women. In What a Difference a Daddy Makes, renowned psychologist and bestselling author Dr. Kevin Leman seamlessly weaves the latest research on fathering with funny, moving stories about his own parenting experiences. He gives practical ideas and inspiration for fathers and provides specific direction for helping daughters grow into loving, confident, caring adults.] Dr. Kevin Leman

Better Dads, Stronger Sons

From commitment and courage to honesty and humility, let the founder of Better Dads help you to become the father God designed you to be! Stressing significance of male bonding, Johnson (That's My Son: How Moms Can Influence Boys to Become Men of Character) discusses discipline, spiritual leadership, purity, respect and self-control as well as the top ten mistakes to avoid in raising your sons.

Man Called Daddy

A Celebration Of Fatherhood. In 36 stories, Hugh O Neill blends the daily joy of Robert Fulgham with the humor of Dave Berry to create a "laugh-out-loud funny" (according to Child magazine) look at fatherhood. Hugh ONeill recounts such moments as discovering a turtle in his glove compartment, finding fruit in his shoes, encountering something gooey in his VCR, making a Halloween costume from a spaghetti strainer and the small rug from the hall, and handling the spiraling cost of a family vacation when his ten-year-old son learns that he, too, can charge things to the room. This celebration of fatherhood offers new fathers a humorous and empathetic guide to rearing children and gives veteran dads a way of reminiscing about their own paternal adventures. Moms, dads, and grandparents will fondly identify with the dozens of stories delightfully told with a familiar ring.]  Hugh ONeill

Fathers of Influence: Inspiring Stories of Men Who Made a Difference in Their Children and Their World

Fatherhood is a daunting task. With the daily stresses and challenges of life today, sometimes it is easy for perspectives to get blurred. Every dad needs regular doses of inspiration, motivation, and encouragement in his quest to become the father that God has called him to be. In Fathers of Influence, you can read true stories of men throughout history---fathers, just like you---who made a difference in the world or who raised their children to have a powerful impact on the world. Organized to present each father individually, this book features short chapters that each present a father's name, the dates he lived, a brief biographical sketch, a Bible verse, and a Father of Influence Principle that highlights the significant contribution he made to the world or to his child's life. A special section on fathers of influence from the Bible is included.


Natural Family Planning Books

The Art of Natural Family Planning

This is a great book if you want to learn about the sympto-thermal method of natural family planning. It goes into a lot of detail and was the only book I needed to learn about the method. This book also has a chapter discussing the religous/moral aspects of natural family planning as well as one on ecological breastfeeding.

Fertility Cycles and Nutrition

How nutrition can affect your fertility. By eating or avoiding certain foods, some fertility problems can be corrected. Also if you are practicing natural family planning, this will help regulate your cycle so the method is more effective. If you are having any fertility problems you should read this book because the simple self-help could really help and may let you forgo expensive medical treatment. The author cites many examples of reproductive problems that were cured simply with nutrition.

Taking Charge of Your Fertility 

Taking Charge of Your Fertility is a valuable resource for women desiring to take control of their bodies in the area of fertility. Whether you want to have a baby and have been unsuccessful or are unsatisfied with your current birth control, learning the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) will give you options and amazing insight into your body. This 10th anniversary edition has been updated with information on the latest fertility technology.