Prayer Request Form

Prayer opens a direct communication with God.  It is our hearts and spirits speaking directly toward the Lord as we ask (pray) for our intentions.  It is a time for us to be thankful for our blessings, and a time to be humble.  It is our way of showing God our Father that we are dependent and focused solely on him.  Prayer is our way of asking God to see our hearts and to show his mercy.

If you have a special Prayer Request for someone you know who is thinking of, being advised or even forced into obtaining an abortion please let us know.  All Prayer Requests will be kept private, unless you choose to have them listed on our website.

Although a rare occurrence, Pro-Life Men of America Inc. reserves the right to edit all Prayer Requests when their content requires it. Not every prayer requests will be posted on the website due to content and format. Please allow us five working days to post your Prayer Request on our website (if you so choose by the options below.)  Thank you and God Bless.