Pro-Life Music

Karl Kohlhase's song, "Give Me a Chance".


David MacDonald believes that the Lord wants to move.  David's hope is to provide a place for that to happen through his music and concerts. This includes:

  1. The proclamation of Jesus through contemporary music; 
  2. Testimony and song showing that the realization of earthly dreams will not satisfy us but that the Lord lifts our lives above anything we could have dreamed;
  3. Christians from various denominations praising Jesus together and providing an example to those present who do not yet know the Lord;
  4. A message of pro-life, pro-family and pro-God;
  5. A source of help to those in addiction to drugs, alcohol, sex, eating disorders, etc.;
  6. A great big fun party in the Lord; and
  7. An opportunity to experience Jesus and the Holy Spirit through praise and worship.