Women Pressured to Abort

Below are some very disturbing facts about why some women may feel pressured into getting an abortion.


64% involve coercion. A study published in a major international medical journal found that 64% of American women who had abortions felt pressured by others.  Coercion can include loss of home, job or family, and even violent assault.

Up to 83% wanted to have the baby. In a survey of women who sought help after abortion, 83% said they would have carried to term if they had received support from the baby’s father, their family, or other important people in their lives.

In 95% of cases, men play a central role in the decision to abort according to a survey of women at abortion clinics.

Husbands and boyfriends threaten women at the clinic. A former abortion clinic security guard testified before the Massachusetts legislature that women were routinely threatened and abused by the husbands and boyfriends who took them to the clinics to make sure they had abortions.

Dangerous consequences if she resists. Coercion can escalate to violence and even murder. Homicide is the leading killer of pregnant women.  The “Forced Abortion in America” report includes examples of molesters posing as fathers to procure cover-up abortions and women being fired, beaten, shot, stabbed, tortured or killed for refusing to abort.

Not given enough information.

  • 67% said they received no counseling beforehand.
  • 84% reported they received inadequate counseling beforehand.
  • 54% were not sure about their decision at the time, yet 79% were not counseled about alternatives.

Rushed into abortion. Many women may be making hasty, ill-considered decisions for abortion, according to journal articles by the National Abortion Federation.  One in five women served by their clinics are philosophically and morally opposed to abortion. A recent study found that 52% needed more time to make their decision.

Deception and sales tactics. Many who sought answers and help, instead encountered pressure from “counselors” trained to sell abortions in profit-driven clinics.  In a survey of women experiencing problems after abortion:

  • 66% said counselor’s advice was very biased
  • 44% hoped to find an alternative
  • 60% were uncertain of their decision
  • 71% felt their questions were ignored or trivialized.



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